Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Keep the nature clean

Keep the hull clean. An encrusted boat hull increases fuel consumption and adversely affects top speed and acceleration. A number of cleaners and methods to avoid this are being developed. Many hull paints contain toxic substances. Your local environmental authorities can provide information about what is permitted. Always use the amount of paint recommended by the paint manufacturer. Always clean the hull, drive and propeller several times during the season – both you and the environment benefit.
Don't litter. Naturally, all refuse must be returned to land and deposited in garbage cans or other waste containers, or at recycling stations. The boat toilet must be emptied at the proper facilities in the harbor.
Disposal of hazardous waste. Each year, the boat season begins with plastic spackling, painting and hull cleaning at boat clubs and marinas. Unfortunately, many of the chemicals we use are environmentally hazardous. All municipalities and marinas have collection stations for hazardous waste.Take a trip to the waste station now and then with your collected and sorted hazardous waste. This small effort is a big service to nature. A list of hazardous waste substances is provided in your operator’s manual.


Anonymous said...

yes that is the good way to save our earth and to stop the pollution to be healthy.

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autobodypart8 said...

we can only make our health wealth by the nature if we care for the nature.


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